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The Key to Better Websites Pict By. Logicwebmedia

One of the main implications of well-organized websites is to keep your visitors on the website. A website is definitely made for a purpose, unless intended for personal use, which is a minority.

For example, the portfolio website wants to be visited and he is viewed. For companies and internet businesses, your website certainly aims to provide product information, to make sales, or somewhat similar.

However, most individuals do not have visual attractive designs, so on and so on. It is undeniable that this is not dangerous, but someone must put itself in the position of others, to understand how visitors to the website might think, do and react.

1) Navigation

As I said, a web designer must learn how to think like your visitors think.

A situation: a website with good navigation (2-3 hyperlinks to the target page), well planned in terms of placement, and design.

Situation B: Website with bad navigation (takes a long time for visitors to reach the target page), navigation fonts that are difficult to read and placement bad navigation keys.

In A situation, a visitor will always want to be able to access the target page. For example, the individual found your website, and is interested in the products sold, but want to find more information.

He found navigation without problems, and entered a particular product information page.

The B situation, a visitor stumbles to the website, and also wants to know more information about the product. Unfortunately, because of poor placement and fantastic font, visitors need forever, or even fail to find the navigation bar.

Even when he does it, the link to product information cannot be found, (Example: Main page> About> Products> Product image> etc … [Multiple]> Product information).

Analysis: In both situations, isn’t the website with characteristics similar to the situation that is more satisfying Ergo better?

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